A unique method of meditation that lets you discover inner peace.

Everyone Needs Meditation

Today all of humanity is shaken up and going through unprecedented times. Taking care of personal health has never been so crucial. Everyone needs to take a pause and look within their inner being. But how do you achieve balance, relieve stress and improve health? Meditating every day is the key to unlocking the power within each of us.

Sahaja Yoga is Transformational

Sahaja Yoga begins with an experience that is effortless, and spontaneous. With this very first experience (known as Self-Realization) you gain a new dimension in your awareness and witness the absolute truth. Anybody can do it. Practice for a few days and you should witness positive changes within yourself.

Unlock The Benefits Today

Once you start meditating regularly, there is a wide range of benefits you can tap into – from stress reduction, strengthening attention span, improving memory, and boosting confidence to attaining higher spiritual awareness – the list goes on. You can chart your own path. All you need is a pure desire to begin your journey. Get started!


Sahaja Yoga was founded in 1970 by Nirmala Srivastava (1923-2011), known by millions of Her spiritual followers as Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. Shri Mataji discovered a technique to awaken the Kundalini energy within human beings. She dedicated Her life to teaching people of all nationalities, races, and religious backgrounds how to use Sahaja Yoga to better theirs. She envisioned the regular practice of Sahaja Yoga producing evolved societies, where people lead joyful, balanced lives.


“There can be no peace in the world until there is peace within.”



We all experience stress, can feel overwhelmed, and sometimes wonder if there’s more to life. There is.

You have within you a system of energy centers ( chakras ) and channels ( nadis ) that govern your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You can use Sahaja Yoga to awaken your inner spiritual energy ( the Kundalini ) in less than ten minutes.

This will connect you to the all-pervading cosmic energy and enrich every aspect of your mind, body, and soul. It will allow you to experience peace, and illuminate the path to lifelong transformation.


The Kundalini

Your inner energy, or Kundalini, is a soothing spiritual energy that lies dormant at the base of the spine. It is an expression of the pure desire to evolve and better ourselves, something we all possess. When awakened, it rises through the central channel, clearing and activating your chakras. It allows you to achieve your Self-Realization.

Energy Channels

There are three main energy channels (nadis) in your body – left, center, and right. They correspond to your nervous system and connect your chakras. All three work together in synchronicity to integrate and balance your inner energy, and thus your well-being. Each has a specific role to play.


Chakras (energy centers) are the fulcrums that control most aspects of our physical, mental, and spiritual lives. Chakras are located at the sites of our main nerve plexuses. Often, difficulties in life can be traced to imbalances or blockages in one or more chakras.


We offer free corporate meditation sessions — an exceptional solution for enhancing attention and mental clarity, mitigating stress and fatigue, and augmenting the happiness and productivity of employees. Through consistent collective practice, it fosters improved communication among workers, cultivating a conducive and gratifying work environment.

  • Individual self-empowerment
  • Organizational performance
  • Overall societal improvement



The word Yoga (“to join” in English) literally means “union” or “connection”. It is a state of “Union” between the Individual Self and the Divine Self, the connection of our consciousness with the infinite power that created the universe. Yoga is therefore a level of enlightened consciousness, similar to the Self-Realization of Buddhism.

This enlightenment or Yoga happens when a sacred energy called Kundalini, residing in the sacrum bone of each human being is awakened and rises to the top of the head of the practitioner, opening the last energy center or chakra. This is the supreme goal of Yoga, leading to inner bliss, peace, balance, and a feeling of complete satisfaction and harmony.



I have been practicing meditation on a daily basis since a very young age and i can say it has impacted my life in a very positive way. It has allowed me to understand my self, and my true Self better, as well as those around me and my surrounding. Meditation is that precious moment in the day which is just for me and my own wellbeing...

Angelina Sreshthaputra

You get so much of joy after this divine energy start flowing through you, right?, so you don’t want to give up, you want to continue meditation because you get joy, you get health, and all the good things you can get, you just get it from this divine energy. So, I love it, I love it and I want everybody to join this meditation.

Olga Kulavadhanothai

I have been meditating the Sahaja Yoga way for close to 20 years now. I realize that I have a way of finding dhamma and happiness easier than most people I know in my life

Chinrinee Weerawutiwong

Sahaja Yoga is very easy way of the meditation, which is accessible to everybody. From children to old people to young people and in all walks of life. I use Sahaja Yoga to improve myself. It’s a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Lalitha Swaminathan

Sahaja Yoga is the truth. It's the answer we've been searching for a long time. The indirect benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation is that we feel became balanced inside, our health is better. We can know how our health is during this period, is it heat or cool? We balance ourselves through meditation.

Watcharawan Lakhani