The benefits of practising Sahaja Yoga meditation

The benefits of practising Sahaja Yoga meditation

A regular, daily practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation brings about numerous benefits for your overall physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Sahaja Yoga meditation is a unique method of meditation and self-development facilitated by the awakening of and connection with our inner most spiritual energy; the experience of self-realization proposed as a starting point to the practice. With regular, daily practice sessions, practitioners can reach deep states of meditation and experience the blissful state of mental silence or thoughtless awareness, and thereby restore and maintain peace, balance and integration in their lives, also improving overall wellbeing.

Physical wellness

Improves most physical health conditions and boost immune system.

Mental wellbeing

Improves decision-making, ability to think clearly and helps treat attention deficit disorders by enhancing all cognitive functions, most useful for optimal work and study skills.

Emotional wellbeing

Reduces stress, anxiety and depression by stimulating positive psychology and improving interpersonal/social skills:

Spiritual well-being

Sahaja Yoga meditation closely relates to the essence of ancient sacred texts, connects us to our True Self – the Spirit. Spontaneously and naturally, we become empowered to change ourselves and feel the joy of our pure Spirit.

The daily practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation brings about inner peace, boosts resilience to stress and freedom from harmful habits and addiction.

Numerous scientific studies have been conducted to demonstrate the benefits of this method of meditation on various conditions that we would be glad to share – feel free to contact us to find out more.

Sahaja Yoga Foundation of Thailand is not-for-profit and dedicated to promote self-development and self-realization through Sahaja Yoga meditation. It aims to promote social harmony and the blossoming of practitioners’ potential, nurturing the fundamental values of innocence, empathy and compassion.

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