What is the subtle body?

What is the subtle body?

The subtle body, that exists within each and every human being, consists essentially of 7 energy centres (chakras), 3 energy channels (nadis) and the Kundalini energy residing at the base of the spine.

The chakras correspond on the physical level to the plexuses of our central nervous system and the energy channels to the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems within the spinal column.

‘Chakra’ means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit, because the chakras rotate, clockwise, like wheels. Chakras are also likened to lotus flowers, each chakra having a different number of petals, which corresponds to the number of sub-plexuses (and qualities) within the physical plexus.

1. Mooladhara chakra

Physical Manifestation: Pelvic Plexus

Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 4

Element: Earth

Controls: Excretion and Reproductive organs

Quality: Innocence and Wisdom

2. The Swadhisthan chakra:

Physical Manifestation: Aortic Plexus

Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 6

Element: Fire

Controls: Kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas, uterus, intestines

Qualities: Creativity, pure attention, pure desire, pure knowledge

3. The Nabhi chakra

Physical manifestation: Navel/Solar Plexus

Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 10

Element: Water

Controls: Stomach, intestines, liver, spleen Qualities: Seeking, Peace, generosity, satisfaction, pure attention, looking after others

4.The Heart chakra (Anahat chakra)

Physical Manifestation: Cardiac Plexus

Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 12

Element: Air

Controls: Heart, lungs, sternum bone

Qualities: Joy, compassion, sense of security, love, responsibility

5. The Vishuddhi chakra

Physical Manifestation: Cervical Plexus (thyroid)

Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 16

Element: Sky/Space/Ether

Controls: Neck, arms, face, tongue, mouth, nose, teeth

Qualities: Sweetness of communication, diplomacy, collectivity, detachment, selfrespect and respect for others, brother/sister relationship, responsibility

6. The Agnya chakra

Physical Manifestation: Optic Chiasma

Number of petals/sub-plexuses: 2

Element: Light

Controls: Pineal body/Pituitary gland, eyesight, memory, mind

Quality: Forgiveness

7. The Sahastrara chakra

Physical manifestation: Limbic area of brain

Number of petals: 1000

Quality: deep joy, thoughtless awareness, union with divine

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