Many of us have had the experience, at some point in our lives, of feeling rudderless. Perhaps it’s because of a life event: the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job or financial means or dealing with the physical and emotional toll of an illness. Sometimes, this leads to a moment of clarity where we understand that the life event took away our purpose.
Sometimes, we languish in our thoughts. We ruminate over things that have happened. We imagine possible pasts that never took place. We are emotional beings. We can feel happy, confident, trusting, and generous.
Do you think too much? Try this 30-second exercise: Be still. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Now watch your mind…see those thoughts going by? Do you constantly shift from one thought to another?
A channel is referred to as “nadi” in Sanskrit. You can think of a channel as an enclosed passage. In the context of our subtle system, the channel is a means through which the Kundalini energy flows within our subtle system.
The desire to want is how we (and all living things) are wired. Most living things seek sustenance or shelter. Human beings are often fortunate to have evolved to a point where our Kundalini primes us to seek a deeper meaning in our lives.
The subtle system is the network of energy centers (chakras) and channels (nadis) along the central nervous system through which our Kundalini flows
Do you feel like you are seeking something, looking for a kind of fulfillment that you can never quite attain? It’s not family, career success or anything material but something… deeper. It’s like you know there is more to your existence than that