I have been practicing meditation on a daily basis since a very young age and i can say it has impacted my life in a very positive way. It has allowed me to understand my self, and my true Self better, as well as those around me and my surrounding. Meditation is that precious moment in the day which is just for me and my own wellbeing...

Angelina Sreshthaputra

You get so much of joy after this divine energy start flowing through you, right?, so you don’t want to give up, you want to continue meditation because you get joy, you get health, and all the good things you can get, you just get it from this divine energy. So, I love it, I love it and I want everybody to join this meditation.

Olga Kulavadhanothai

I have been meditating the Sahaja Yoga way for close to 20 years now. I realize that I have a way of finding dhamma and happiness easier than most people I know in my life

Chinrinee Weerawutiwong

Sahaja Yoga is very easy way of the meditation, which is accessible to everybody. From children to old people to young people and in all walks of life. I use Sahaja Yoga to improve myself. It’s a journey of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Lalitha Swaminathan

Sahaja Yoga is the truth. It's the answer we've been searching for a long time. The indirect benefits of Sahaja Yoga meditation is that we feel became balanced inside, our health is better. We can know how our health is during this period, is it heat or cool? We balance ourselves through meditation.

Watcharawan Lakhani

Meditation helps us a lot. Because when we encounter any problem, we can remain alert and distance one self from it... Maybe by reaching a state of silence and inner peace, the solution tends to present itself more clearly...

Somboon Weerawutiwong

I came to know that Sahaja Yoga is more about spreading love and what Shri Mataji had said is spreading love is more important ,The World needs love there and the more you spread love you will get your peace of mind first and afterwards when you are spreading love people will recognize you that Yes ..this is the one , this is the person who is doing sahaj.

Anchal Agrawal

The practice of Sahaja Yoga is very simple. Meditation by put our attention on top of the head. Then we became thoughtless. We can balance ourselves

Sirirat Akkanibut

Ever since I meditate in Sahaja Yoga, I have reached a more peaceful state and many boons come into my life. Many unsettling situations in my life just simply dissolved.

Prempavee Imcharoenworadee

Thanks to the practice of Sahaja Yoga meditation and associated natural cleasing techniques, i have solved my insomnia problem...

Supalerg Tasako

The great keys of our life are love, forgiveness and surrender. These are the three keys to life which will solve almost any problem, it making our life happier and more joyful when we meditation.

Chonthicha Hamapakorn

With Sahaja Yoga, I meditate and become more joyful. I came to learn more about myself and as to why I basically was a sad person or why I was prone to anxiety and fear. Therefore, I can say that this kind of meditation nurtures good habits, helping practitioners lead more positive and joy-filled lives.

Nanthapak Pinyo

Sahaja Yoga helps me integrate a rather mundane life with a more spiritual life. In the material world, I have work and have a family. While spiritually I meditate and focus on spiritual progress. This is what I gained from Sahaja Yoga.

Withan Prarayod