How to practice meditation at home?

How to practice meditation at home?

Preparing for meditation:

When sitting down to meditate it is recommended to begin and end the meditation by raising the Kundalini and taking a bandhan (as per the diagrams on the following pages) and to place a photograph of Shri Mataji, the founder of Sahaja Yoga, in front of you (you would have to obtain it from the Sahaja Yoga center near you). Shri Mataji’s photograph indeed emits powerful energy that will greatly facilitate the meditation process and awakening of the energy.

Light a candle in front of Shri Mataji’s photograph

Place the photograph of Shri Mataji respectfully, on a clean table or shelf in front of you and light a candle in front of the photo. (It is preferable to put a cloth under the photo and to place the photo in a frame). The candle flame (light element) helps to clear the sixth (Agnya) chakra and hence reduce the thoughts and calm the mind.

Raise your Kundalini:

Raise the left hand from the base of the spine to the top of the head and rotate the right hand, clockwise, around the left hand whilst doing this. Start by putting the left hand in front of the right hand (with both palms facing your body), then take the right hand over the left hand and back under the left hand. Watch your hands whilst raising them and tilt the head back as the hands move above eye level. Tie a knot above the head as shown in the diagram on the next page. Repeat this procedure 3 times. The second time, tie two knots above the head, and the third time, tie three knots.

Take a Bandhan:

Next is the Bandhan (protection). We describe an arc with our right hand from the left hip, over the top of the head to the right hip and back again. This should be done calmly and rhythmically to feel the benefit. The eyes can be closed or open whilst taking a bandhan. Repeat this 7 times. Keep the left hand palm upwards on the lap.

Meditate with Your Heart (in Shri Mataji’s words):

“With respect if you do meditation, it’s perfect. When you meditate, you should do it with love, that’s all. Love will cleanse everything… Love means without any malice, without any anger.

Focus your attention on the Sahasrara Chakra (7th Chakra) and try to reduce your thoughts, being in thoughtless awareness. You may start feeling the peace inside and cool breeze on the palm of both your hands or on the 7th Chakra. Meditation, which is achieved when one reaches the state of thoughtless awareness (beyond the thoughts), is made easy with the practice of Sahaja Yoga as the awakening of the Kundalini energy and the opening of the sixth chakra in particular helps reduce unnecessary mental turmoil and uncontrolled thoughts, effortlessly.

Sahaja Yoga Foundation of Thailand is not-for-profit and dedicated to promote self-development and self-realization through Sahaja Yoga meditation. It aims to promote social harmony and the blossoming of practitioners’ potential, nurturing the fundamental values of innocence, empathy and compassion.

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