The energy channels

The energy channels

There are three main energy channels within our subtle system, 1. Left side (Ida Nadi), 2. Right side (Pingala Nadi), 3. Central channel (Sushumna Nadi).

1. Left side (Ida Nadi) :

Also known as Moon channel, this channel looks after our left sympathetic nervous system and provides energy for our emotions, our desires and records our past experiences. In its pure state, it provides for positive and elevating emotions such as deep joy, pure love and compassion. Typically, we can be prone to left-side imbalances or problems, such as emotional attachments, depression, low self-esteem and feelings of guilt, lethargy/inertia, ritualistic behaviour and habits. These can be reduced with the practice of Sahaja Yoga, using simple and natural cleansing techniques such as the light treatment (using the flame of a candle to warm up, bring more light to the left side channel).

2. Right side (Pingala Nadi) :

Also known as Sun channel, this channel looks after our right sympathetic nervous system and provides energy for our creativity, our rational mind, planning and futuristic thoughts, and our physical energy and dynamism. Typically, we can be prone to right-side imbalances and problems such as egotistical and dominating behaviour, arrogance, pride, anger, hatred and stress. By practiving Sahaja Yoga and some specific cleansing techniques, this channel can be balanced easily. (For example, with the use of the water treatment, like footsoaking).

3. Central channel (Sushumna nadi) :

This is the channel (or nadi) of our evolution and equilibrium. It looks after our autonomous nervous system which deals with ‘automatic’ actions such as the beating of the heart and our digestion – functions which our body performs automatically -without us being aware of it. As our attention moves to the Sushumna, our human awareness evolves and our attention gradually stops swinging like a pendulum from the past to the future, from the Ida nadi to the Pingala nadi, from sadness to happiness, from lethargy to over-activity, and stabilizes in the centre, in the present moment. Our awareness becomes peaceful and our nerves tends to bubble with joy if we can maintain our attention in the centre.

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